Rotational Therapy is committed to healing acne.

Healing acne is our commitment. Helping clinicians improve results of acne treatment is our goal. Rotational Therapy provides optimal professional acne skin care and supports clinical therapy by acne professionals.



We only work with acne professionals.

Rotational Therapy is a specialty acne treatment system that was developed to deliver optimal results as part of a clinical acne treatment program. Whether used in conjunction with a doctor-prescribed regimen or as part of acne control by a licensed esthetician, Rotational Therapy supports improvement of acne breakouts on multiple levels when used in conjunction with clinical acne management.

  • Rotational Therapy is not a mass-marketed acne treatment.
  • Rotational Therapy is not available to the general public.
  • Rotational Therapy is only available through qualified acne professionals.



Why we developed Rotational Therapy.

Those who experience acne, which is nearly everyone at some point in their lives, can often feel very isolated, worried, anxious, unhappy and depressed.Some patients even become tearful when expressing their frustration and sense of hopelessness. This is why acne sufferers search high and low to find relief. Unfortunately, those with acne are exposed to a lot of misleading information that tempts and lures them to try one unhelpful product after another. Worst of all, many mass-marketed products not only fail to help but can have harsh effects on the skin causing significant dryness and irritation and a loss of compliance with treatment.

Rotational Therapy is different. Developed to address the needs of acne patients under clinical treatment, the effects of Rotational Therapy system offer real, trusted support for acne healing. The rotational regimen targets the right steps in acne formation to provide optimal results in the context of an overall treatment program. In many cases,Rotational Therapy replaces the need for prescription topical medications which can be very harsh and not always very effective for advanced forms of acne.

Finally, those with acne are using self-selected skin care regiments every day. Often, the very skin care products that they are using to try and help may actually be making them worse instead. This is another reason to ensure optimal results without unwanted side effects by recommending the Rotational Therapy system. Trusted, optimal results.



The science behind Rotational Therapy

The development of acne is associated with different stages. Rotational Therapy targets the stages of acne on multiple therapeutic levels.

Our system supports the skin barrier to resist the damaging effects of acne inflammation.

Active ingredients work in synergy and formulated in a soothing base to support and maintain the integrity of the skin barrier.

Rotational Therapy is the only system to focus on calming the skin surface to soothe and help to heal acne inflammation.

The rotating application regimen helps prevent the skin from becoming resistant to each ingredient and helps to limit dryness or irritation from continual application of each ingredient alone.

Acne healing ingredients include benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are used in rotating fashion to deliver dual anti-acne effects at different times to keep acne-prone skin “off-balance” and unable to accommodate to each ingredient alone.

Hydrating Base, a proprietary skin barrier conditioner, preserves the integrity of the skin surface to resist the harsh effects of inflammation caused by acne and acne therapies.