Treatments at the AAI

  • Medical Care
    • Our board certified doctors use state-of-the-art therapies to design an individualized treatment program for each patient to achieve optimal results.
  • Acne Facials
    • Our clinical estheticians specialize in facials for acne prone skin.
  • Chemical Peels
    • Chemical peels are used to reduce clogged and inflamed pores to provide rapid improvement in acne breakouts.
  • Medicated Injections
    • Rapid treatment options including medicated injections are used for patients with large or painful breakouts.
  • Prescription Treatments
    • The most advanced prescription options are offered to treat severe or resistant cases of acne.
  • Hormonal Acne Treatment
    • Our doctors target hormonal acne with treatments that reduce the effects of acne-causing hormones.
  • Cystic Acne Treatment
    • Patients with severe cystic acne breakouts are offered the most effective prescription and supportive therapies to achieve optimal results.
  • Laser Treatment
    • Light-based treatments are selectively used to control acne and treat acne scars.
  • Treatment at Home
    • Caring for your complexion at home is an important part of your acne treatment program. Using our innovative system of Rotational Therapy, our formulated cleansers and moisturizers exfoliate, hydrate and target bacteria to support your progress and maintain your improvement.
  • Skin Care Instruction
    • Our skin care specialists provide one-on-one skin care and makeup instruction for each patient.


Acne Makeup Consultation

 Using makeup safely on acne prone skin is a common concern for many patients. At the AAI, we provide complimentary one-on-one acne makeup instruction and teach our patients how to select the right makeup for their needs. We show each patient how to safely cover their blemishes with makeup, concealer, blush and more.