So how does acne form and how can Rotational Therapy™ help?

Acne occurs when pores in the skin begin to work abnormally. Pores contain oil glands that are important for lubricating healthy skin. When hormones cause the oil glands to become overactive and produce too much oil, the pores get sticky and clogged and bacteria start to grow. This is how pimples and blemishes form.

Enter Rotational Therapy™. The Rotation™ was developed to target the different steps in acne formation. B-Clenz™ is formulated with an acne fighting concentration of benzoyl peroxide to help heal whiteheads, blackheads and active pimples. B-Clenz™ also targets the bacteria that grow in acne-prone pores. The blend of herbal ingredients soothe and calm the skin to prevent dryness or irritation. Using B-Clenz™ twice each day on Monday through Friday provides the optimal effect to control breakouts without overdoing it. Switching to Saliclenz® on Saturday and Sunday takes aim at the buildup of damaged skin cells and debris that fill and clog the pores. Saliclenz® helps to stop and heal blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. By relieving the stress on acne-prone pores, Saliclenz® supports clearing of damaged pores and acne breakouts.

Another key step in Rotational Therapy™ is application of Hydrating Base™. The proprietary skin conditioning base optimally hydrates and heals the skin surface to resist the harsh effects of acne treatments. Hydrating Base also clams the irritation caused by the inflammation of acne breakouts.

RT supports professional acne therapy.

So why is Rotational Therapy™ so effective?

Rotational Therapy™ keeps acne-prone pores off balance by switching active ingredients in a rotating treatment regimen. All the while Hydrating Base targets the skin surface to calm and soothe acne-prone skin and helps the skin resist surface damage caused by acne breakouts.

  • Dual acne fighting ingredients.
  • Targets acne on multiple levels.
  • Calms dryness and irritation.
  • Provides optimal support for clinical acne management.

That’s why The Rotation™ is so effective and very different from other acne treatments. With Rotational Therapy™, acne doesn’t stand a chance!